Please go to "Contact Us" and enter your needs and requests along with your name and requests.

You may also place your order via email.  All Credit Card charges are put through the day the order is placed.  We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.


Shipping is handled via UPS, Fed Ex, or Postal Mail dependent upon your needs.
Any other form of shipping must be by customer request and shall no longer be the responsibility of D Squared Trials & Trails, LLC.


New merchandise in its original packaging, and in new condition, can be returned for credit.  Please always include the original sales receipt together with the reason for the return.

Parts/accessories that have been purchased new and then used or "run in" by the customer i.e.: bolt impressions, modifications or drilling of the part. (This means you can not install a part and then remove it for credit/refund). These are not returnable under any circumstances.  Electrical parts are not returnable.

As in most industries, electrical components are not returnable. These types of parts are frequently purchased by persons trying to fix a problem by process of trial and elimination. Improper installation and additional unrecognized problems can inadvertently damage electrical parts. Items we sell are not warranted against damage caused by improper installation, modifications, mistakes or misdiagnosis. 

Helmets, boots, and clothing will be exchanged for a different size or color if incorrect. We will refund you the price of an item if there is a defect or an item is damaged during shipping.

All items returned for credit will be subject to a 20% re-stocking fee.  To avoid the 20% re-stocking fee you may wish to consider keeping the item.
No returns are accepted after 7 days.
Please include a copy of the original sales receipt. Please mark on the receipt the reason for the return.

We do not refund money on returned items.  Returned items will be credited to your next sales receipt.

In most cases, no exceptions are allowed. If you feel you need a special exception, we can discuss it on a case by case basis.


If, for example, you receive a helmet and it is too small, we will send you a different size. However, we will have to issue another sales receipt and charge you for the second helmet until we receive the original one back into stock.  The customer is responsible for all shipping charges.

Currency exchange rates and pricing:
Due to foreign exchange of currency, prices are subject to change without notice.


We hold no responsibility for your aptitude in the fitting of new components and accessories to your machine.  If you are unsure, please call for advice or ask someone that does know and has the correct knowledge to fit a component/accessory for you.


D Squared Trials & Trails is not responsible for work not performed "in house" by an authorized technician.  You are entirely responsible for the proper installation and set up of these components. We take no responsibility for your mechanical aptitude or the aptitude of any and all individuals or companies you choose to complete or assist you in completing the work on your machine.

When installing your rebuilt/repaired component on your machine, we assume that you have the aptitude to realize that oil, fluids, and/or coolant is necessary for the proper operation of the component(s). We assume you or the person you choose to repair the motorcycle is competent to do so, and we assume no liability for your choice in these matters. Therefore we cannot guarantee in any way the longevity or safety of any repairs completed by you or the person/company of your choice.

Only a complete motorcycle delivered to D Squared Trials & Trails for repair is warranted in any way. As we have no way to supervise the installation of repaired/remanufactured components we cannot be held responsible. Under no circumstances will we be responsible for any work not performed entirely by an authorized technician. Furthermore we waive any and all responsibility for your safety, or the safety of others, as you have assumed this liability when choosing the method of repair of your own machine. This general disclaimer applies to anything not entirely completed at our facility. As we cannot test your motorcycle for proper operation after repairs are completed, we naturally have no way to foresee any errors of repair procedure done by you or your chosen repair person/facility.


Motorized vehicles are devices that can cause injury or death. D Squared Trials & Trails assumes, and you agree, that you take full responsibility for your safety, operation, and training as well as the safety of any and all individuals associated with you and the brand of machine you own.  Never attempt to, nor operate any motorized vehicle without prior proper training as approved by the machine manufacturer or by your federal, state, or local requirements.  Hydraulic fluid is dangerous when under pressure, and you stand risk of poisonous injection from high pressure fluids. Antifreeze is poisonous and should not be ingested. Gasoline is highly flammable and is also a known carcinogen. Do not work on your machine near any open flame or any gas appliance with a "pilot light". Every year hundreds of people worldwide are wounded or killed by flash fires resulting from the mishandling of flammable liquids such as gasoline or paint thinner. Don't be one of these statistics. Never use flammables as a solvent for cleaning. Rags soaked in flammable liquids can spontaneously combust. Always dispose of oils, fluids, and chemicals properly.  Always wear personal protection equipment!

Thank you, D Squared Trials & Trails, LLC

Business Policies

Please read/review our business policies below ​and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank You!